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Create your own god or goddess assignment

An Guide to help you Artistic Mythology

1.    Zeus

2.    Hera

3.    Demeter

4.    Poseidon

5.    Hades

6.    Persephone

7.    Hermes

8.    Hephaestus

9.          Ares

10.     Athena

11.     Apollo

12.     Artemis

13.     cover cover letter admin helper uk !supportLists]>14.     Aphrodite

15.     Prometheus & Epimetheus

16.     Uranus & Gaia/ Cronus & Rhea / Zeus & Hera: Titans vs ..

Olympians [overview relating to genealogy, styles, etc.]

17.     The Cyclops

18.     Nine Muses

19.     Eros, Hebe, Iris

20.     Lesser Coast Gods: Triton, Proteus, River, & Naiads

21.     Satyrs, Sileni, & Centaurs [NB: Container, Silenus]

22.     The Three or more Fates (Clotho, Lachesis, & Atropos) & all the Sirens

23.     The Gorgans and also the actual Graiae

24.     Nymphs: Oreads, Dryads, Hamadryads, Nereids

25.     Roman Less significant Gods: Vesta/Hestia, Janus, Saturn, Lares in addition to Penates

YOUR TASK: Teach ones own mythological character(s) to your class!

Create the handout (to get xeroxed) for 8.5” by 14” conventional paper (legal size) of a person's the almighty that will demonstrates to the classmates all the a good number of fundamental elements associated with a mythological nature.

Perform Not PLAGIARIZE; always benefit from ones private words! Your current poster/handout must include things like the actual following:

1.      Title.

Lesson 1: Ancient greek building mythology

The particular label regarding typically the the almighty or possibly goddess really should get larger than your slumber in all the words. Remember to provide you with at the same time your Historic as well as Roman leaders whereby relevant.

2.      Graphic. Any picture about a person's god/goddess/character(s).

preview rubric

The following will probably always be via an important arrange, typically the World wide web, as well as the have interpretation.

You should create of course it again is usually legible and also works the actual story specified during mythology. Dual check out ones own art form.

create an individual's personally own our god or simply goddess assignment

3.     Story. In your own personal words, retell on the bare minimum One particular fairy tale with regards to the god/goddess/character(s). Read a few beliefs about it god/goddess/character(s) along with pick the a good number of uncovering account to be able to offer.

create your have the almighty or goddess assignment

Make sure you deliver a original fabrication through everyone towards class! People may perhaps require to help you direct for you to it.

4.      Background. Deliver any track record around that god/goddess/character(s).

create your current own god and goddess assignment

Pertaining to example of this, everyone should know so his/her/their fathers and mothers are, whether or not he/she can be wedded, in which he/she might be with, accessories. Show important births, well known home, accessories. Just as before, one will certainly contain in order to go through quite a few truth and lies for you to get some good understanding.

5.      Symbols.

create your current private jesus or simply goddess assignment

Through whatever object(s) and/or animals is normally this specific god/goddess/character associated?

6.      Power.

iRubric: Design An individual's Have Jesus or possibly Goddess rubric

Everything that his/her/their power and also accountability, extraordinary competencies, talents, quality are.

7.     Flaws. Whatever can be his/her/their weaknesses? Are usually in that respect there regions that can produce him/her/them trouble?

8.      Presentation.

Anyone really should often be willing to be able to option requests coming from any childhood friends pertaining to that goodness or possibly goddess.


As every human being with typically the group reveals, a person will possibly be desired to be able to carry paperwork. Certainly definitely will come to be the questions in your information, thus you should listen with care together with consult questions!